Jun 122011

Alhambra 7Fy CT Cutaway Guitar

Designed to meet the needs of modern guitarists, this flamenco guitar has a bright, strongly projecting sound. This Flamenco Cutaway is a beauty to behold and play.
Take a look at the body binding and wood rosette: they are exquisite.
A Venitian cutaway is added for enhanced high-position access, and the shallower body and lower string action mean effortless handling and playability. Even if you are not a Flamenco guitar player, you will enjoy how versatile is this instrument. Featuring a carefully chosen, solid Spruce and high quality Ebony for fingerboard! Like the concert models the neck is reinforced with an ebony strip. This very light instrument has a thiner body enhancing projection a percussive sound while reducing the feedback.

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The combines of under-saddle pickup and internal condenser mic guarantees excellent clarity and a natural-sounding, concert-like powered performance. The preamp’s responsive high and low tone bands are supported by a unique mic mix control that enables the signal to be blended either in or out of phase, so the sound will always be rich and feedback resistant.
The tone, resonance and beauty of fine guitars are all dependent upon the wood from which they are made. The wood used in the construction of Alhambra guitars is carefully chosen and aged to guarantee the highest quality.

A multi-colored wood rosette, as exquisite as the sounds, signifies the attention to detail that characterizes every Alhambra. The necks are reinforced with an Ebony strip on the underside of the fingerboard to give total rigidity and to eliminate movement cased as a result of the aging of the classical guitar.


Top: Solid German Spruce
Neck: Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Luxury Gold Plated
Electronic: Fishman Prefix ProBlend

Price: $1840!!!

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