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Description:a nice warm tone quality without sacrificing volume or clarity of tone
and yield a broader range of tonal variation..The trebbles are crisp and silky, the bass is deep and clean.
Warm… responsive.You want a guitar that just sounds exactly right to you, that plays with ease
and is balanced?Here it is! The sound is penetrating and has exceptional sustain.
It has huge projection and can fill any sized concert hall.A true “concert-grand” of an instrument.If you have ever dedicated yourself to the mastery of the “classical guitar” you
will no doubt appreciate the inherent pleasure and inspiration that comes from
playing a truly fine instrument.
Features:TOP: Solid German Spruce or Solid CedarBACK AND SIDES: Solid Indian RosewoodNECK: CedarFINGERBOARD: EbonyMACHINE HEADS: Luxury Gold Plated
Options:Customized versions



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